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Where it’s at: September 10

Bee persistentI’m back in Iowa after eight days of travel, moving from friends’ house to friends’ house, checking out gardens and kids and all kinds of things that grow.

I returned to rain, and snuck out back to the garden between showers to see how things were growing. “I think the season’s pretty much over,” Steve said as I headed out the back door, but I have hope for the green tomatoes still hanging on the vine and the dozen or so peppers that emerged while I was away.

There’s one swiss chard stalk growing, too. Can’t forget the swiss chard.

But, as I poked around in the tomato vines looking for signs of ripening, a fat buzz sounded in my ear, and I looked up to see a bumblebee whirring by. It dipped in and out of tomato blossoms and pepper blossoms, never stopping to rest more than a split second, as determined as I am to ignore the small red leaves in the grass and the chilly temperatures that signal the approach of Fall.

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