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Submit your idea for BlogHer Food ’12 in Seattle

Knock knock knock. Hello? Are you out there? Yeah, you. There on the other side of the screen.

I know…it has been a long more-than-a-year of neglecting this blog, and I always swore to myself I wasn’t going to be one of those bloggers who apologized to their readers for an absence, so trust me, this won’t be an apology.

But you deserve a little information, those readers of mine who are still left out there, and some information you shall have.

Right now, I’m gardenless. I’m once again in an apartment sans balcony, so there are no plants living in my house, unless you count the green shoots coming out of the points of my onions and my garlic when I neglect them for too long. And that’s OK. Life happens, and sometimes gardening doesn’t, and one of these days I’ll have a plant again, and then maybe two, and then maybe a whole bunch.

There have been developments. Among them? I’ve taken on the role of the Food Section Editor for BlogHer Food. This isn’t a new thing—I’ve been doing this since April—and it’s what I do on the side. By day, I’m still the same intrepid Communications Director I’ve been for awhile. But by night, I get to sift through recipes and how-to posts and restaurant reviews and all manner of other food writing and photography. I get to give some of it more love than it would have otherwise gotten. I get smiles so big in return I can read them between the lines of emails. This? This is a good thing.

BlogHer Food '12Related to all that, I have found myself on the Advisory Committee for BlogHer Food ‘12, a veritable extravaganza of a food-blogging conference, scheduled for June 8 and 9 in Seattle. Yes, I’ll be there. I hope some of you will, too.

If you not only want to be there, but want to contribute to the conference programming, I encourage you to submit a panel idea sometime in the next week. We’re accepting submissions through December 21, so time is of the essence, but it’s a painless process, this submitting of an idea, and I guarantee I’ll read and listen to what you have to say.Here are the conference tracks:
  • Values, e.g. food politics, food policy or social change via food blogs
  • Visuals, e.g. photography, video, design, multimedia, styling
  • Vocation, e.g. skills development, best practices, traffic building, monetization, ethics, publishing
  • Voice, e.g. writing skills, storytelling, inspiration
  • Vittles, e.g. cooking skills, cooking techniques, tools, recipe development

Do you have something to say in one of those areas? If so, submit your idea now. Don’t worry if you don’t know a full panel’s worth of speakers—we can work out those details later. And if you have an idea for something you’d like to see, but you have no interest in speaking, submit that idea anyway and tell us you want to watch from the audience rather than participate from the podium. Ideas are like tomatoes, people. We want them when they’re ripe and ready. And right now is the season for ideas.

There are other developments, too, but they will have to wait for another day and another story. I’m determined that there will be said other stories, because I miss this space, and I miss all of you, and it’s time to return in a more organized fashion than I have attempted in a long time.

2 Comments on “Submit your idea for BlogHer Food ’12 in Seattle”

  1. #1 Al_Pal
    on Dec 15th, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    Neat! That sounds pretty awesome.
    Last summer, I was thinking that the regular BlogHer conference might be doable, but our friends in Upstate NY who had been talking marriage have had to postpone, so–NY in the summer is kinda brutally hot and humid. ;p

  2. #2 inadvertentgardener
    on Dec 31st, 2011 at 3:20 am

    Al_Pal, Upstate NY in the summer isn’t bad, but yeah — the City is pretty hot. Still, it’s going to be fun to be out there for the conference. :-)

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