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Three for the road

A few minutes after I accepted the gift of tomato plants from my Airbnb host, she reappeared with three seedlings and left them near the Airstream. “There you go,” she said. “They should be fine here until you head home.”

I looked at them out the door of the trailer, but it wasn’t until the next day that I got up close to them. There was a Stupice plant—a Stupice plant that already had fruit on it!—but there was also a Sungold plant and a Peacevine, which is a variety I had never heard of before.

It turns out Peacevine tomatoes were bred from Sweet 100 stock, and it’s a high-producing cherry varietal. In my brain, that translates this way: It’s perfect for popping directly off the plant directly into one’s mouth.

Leggy seedlings
So. Three leggy plants practically shouting at me to give them a little room to grow. When I headed home, I carefully buffered them on the floor of my backseat so they’d stay upright, and let The Unicorn know a stop at the garden center was in order.

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