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When I arrived home with my pots and dirt and all that jazz, I checked my phone to see if The Pickle was sleeping. The Unicorn and I keep close track of him with an app we love, and before those of you who raised children in the pre-app era scoff at us and tell me in the comments about how you did just fine figuring out when the child was hungry as opposed to tired as opposed to needing a diaper change without the aid of technology, let me just say that one of the best things about said app is that The Unicorn and I can use it to communicate about what has happened with the child in each other’s absence without actually talking about these things. In exchange for the cold light of technology collecting the data of our child’s routine, we get to use our precious adult conversation time to talk about OTHER important things. You know, like our finances, or who is more tired.

Parenting, folks. Parenting.

Anyway, I determined that The Pickle was, indeed, asleep, and so decided to forego the Loud And Triumphant Entry Into The House to greet my guys for a quiet shuffling of my bags from the car to the foyer, followed by the speediest unloading of garden supplies I have ever done in my life. When the baby is sleeping, the clock is TICKING, people. Time cannot be a-wasting.

I hauled my five bags of dirt. I hauled my pots. I took the seedlings to the back patio. I listened carefully (via a totally different app) and heard no waking-up noises coming from upstairs. I stood back and looked at the job at hand.

This is the point when I realized what I had done. I bought three pots. Three. Which is fine, because I had three tomato seedlings. The problem is I actually bought one of the pots in an appropriate size for the basil seedling, which meant I only had two pots appropriate for the tomatoes.

Rectifying this was going to require going back to the garden store, and at this point, that wasn’t happening. It was time to improvise, AKA do the best I could with what I had available.

2 Comments on “Unloading”

  1. #1 Karen Davis
    on Jul 29th, 2015 at 6:53 am

    Back in the day when we were just getting cordless phones and relied on screechy baby monitors we dreamed of something better…something other than a sign on the garage door warning you not to open it for fear of waking the baby. Now if only we could have an app that stops you every time you’re leaving anywhere to ask you what you may have forgot. It probably exists but I keep forgetting to look for one.

  2. #2 inadvertentgardener
    on Aug 1st, 2015 at 7:01 am

    Kären, ha! I’m sure it exists, or Siri can somehow be programmed to help with that, but I haven’t figured it out either. I need that, too!

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