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You’re lucky I’m not coughing in your dinner

It’s pretty pathetic over here at our place at the moment. Both The Unicorn and I have fallen prey to the ridiculous numbers of bugs ricocheting around the Bay Area, and we’re both rocking some variant of colds and/or flu. Let’s just say the door on the tea cabinet is getting a workout today. I [...]

Instant(ish) gratification gardening

At the moment, I am not in possession of large amounts of free time. We’re still unpacking (slowly) our new place. We’re in a particularly high-gear phase of wedding planning. Plus, it’s a busy time of year at work, so I’m juggling a lot of competing priorities. But now that we have outdoor space, it [...]

Something wicked this way grows

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a big fan of Amy Stewart, who blogs at Dirt and Garden Rant, and who writes great books about the wild, wonderful world of plants. So, it should come as no surprise that I was delighted to learn that her next book, Wicked Plants: A Book [...]

Tomato porn worth peeking at

When the book arrived, I had no idea what to expect. If I had, I would have hustled it into my office, shut the door, and spent several moments alone with it. Maybe several hundred moments. This is that kind of book. Once I unboxed it, I realized what I was dealing with. I stole [...]

Here is what I do not understand

There are crazy search terms that lead people to my blog. But why, oh why, would someone come here because they searched for “Harry Potter, naked”? That’s so wrong, people. THIS IS A BLOG ABOUT GROWING THINGS. And by that, I mean plants. Not Potter.

The Great Pumpkin, revealed

I’d like to tell you that I have a very simple philosophy for living, but in truth, I am a woman of many corollaries. Among these is that I believe strongly in taking leaps of faith—trying things out just because they have potential. The way I see it, at worst, I end up with a [...]

Harry Potter and the Mint Killer’s mojito

As she demonstrated with our red snapper fixin’s, The Mint Killer has turned around her reputation this year. In the meantime, my mint has been struggling—it was doing fine until it didn’t get any water for three days. Apparently mint really can be killed—by all kinds of people. On Friday, when I was at The [...]

Garden Bloggers’ Book Club: The Gardener’s Year

Karel Capek didn’t care much for growing vegetables. In “On Market Gardeners,” one of the short essays that comprise The Gardener’s Year, he addresses the readers’ imagined complaints that he only traffics in flowers. “In reply to this charge I say that in one of the numerous phases of my life I also ruled over [...]

Garden bloggers’ book club: Two gardeners

When you’re new to gardening—and I still consider myself firmly planted in newbie soil—everything is a revelation. As the various books of the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club have rolled out, it has introduced me to topics and authors about which I know nothing. Other garden bloggers, however, post about how a book is one of [...]

Snow and ice and Lenten sacrifice

During my week between jobs, I’ve been working my way through Two Gardeners: Katharine S. White and Elizabeth Lawrence – A Friendship in Letters edited by Emily Herring Wilson, which is the February selection of the Garden Bloggers’ Book Club. In a letter dated June 15, 1959, Katharine White adds, “P.S. It is 48 degrees [...]