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Watering cans: Actually functional

I’ll admit it. I used to think watering cans were stupid. I mean, sure. They’re fine if you’re Peter Rabbit and need to hide from Mr. MacGregor or whatever, but for ordinary gardeners? Really? After all, when I looked around our kitchen, I saw plenty of vessels perfect for carrying water outside and dumping it [...]

Casters on

I will admit that though I completely expected to have to drill holes in the wine barrels, the thought of installing casters is not one that particularly occurred to me in the initial planning stages of the whole patio garden deal. But as I stood on the BART platform in San Francisco one night with [...]

The patio garden and its stay of execution

A funny thing happened on the way to the patio garden: we ran into a bit of legal trouble. OK, to be fair, it wasn’t REAL legal trouble. There weren’t cops involved, and no one was led away in handcuffs. But there were rules and regulations tossed about via some very stern emails, and for [...]

A bit of a water retention problem

There is no question that I should, by now, have dirt in my wine barrels. I should have them fully prepped, and I should be ready for Pilar’s seedlings to show up, since she swears they’re almost big enough to send home with me. In fact, I should probably already be growing lettuce. Or herbs. [...]

Less fabuloUS in the kitchen

I realize everyone’s moved on from Thanksgiving and all that, but I have a bit of a bone to pick, still, from the run-up to that holiday. The problem is that to pick that bone, I’m going to have to admit something. Yes, people, it’s true. I have a subscription to US Weekly. It’s a [...]

The mystery of the rock-hard sweet potato

I bought sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, but in the crush of food that me and my fantastic guests made and brought, they became superfluous, which means I’m now managing a sweet potato surplus. Earlier this week, I started dispatching them using a great recipe for Soy-Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Sesame Seeds I found on my [...]

Walmart and the unsustainable Thanksgiving

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on BlogHer on Monday, but I felt it was important enough that I wanted to cross-post it here. I encourage you to visit BlogHer and read the thoughtful comments readers have been posting, as well — I really appreciate hearing everyone’s thoughts on this particular issue. Late last week, [...]

Tomatoes: Eat, don’t throw

I am a huge fan of a good party. I mean, really. BRING IT. But when that party involves tomato destruction, well, I simply can’t condone it. And this is why I must condemn the (otherwise) good people of Buñol, in Spain, where they just celebrated the 64th annual “Tomatina,” an opportunity for people to [...]

Where things (don’t) stand with the community garden

Back at the beginning of August, I sent a missive asking the Oakland community gardening coordinator for an update on where I am on the waiting list. So far, I’ve heard nothing. It’s only been about three weeks, of course, since I sent the email, and things move slowly in Oakland government, but it’s now [...]

Hello, my name is…

Not long after I told the world about my plantsitting duties last week, and publicly admitted that I had no idea what kind of plants I was watching, I went over to the windowsill in my office and turned the larger plant around, figuring it was ready for a little change in the angle of [...]