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The Pickle’s less-than-Pink Lady applesauce

The Pickle is currently eating quite locally—he’s still a card-carrying Boob Vampire, with no other food in sight. But we’re just a couple of months from beginning to introduce him, one item at a time, to the world of solids.   He will be my tiny food minion. I will give him delicious things to [...]

Cold snap

For those of you scoring at home (and even if you’re alone), one of the myriad reasons I fled Iowa for California was my most-hated, six-letter word: W-I-N-T-E-R After four years in Iowa City, I wanted nothing more to do with scraping ice off windshields, shoveling snow out of my driveway, shoveling more snow out [...]

A healing garden and an affirmation

On a blustery Thanksgiving morning, six months after I moved to Oakland, I took my parents to celebrate Mass. They were visiting me for the first time in this new city I called home, and I wanted to show them the newly-dedicated Cathedral of Christ the Light, which I’d been attending since its dedication Mass [...]

Growing vegetables, growing young minds

While visiting my parents over the holidays, my Dad announced, rather quietly, that he might have found a place to garden this year. My parents moved to Ohio just after I moved to California, and, like me, Dad hasn’t found his gardening groove quite yet. He has a yard, but it’s not a good one [...]

Happy Thanksgiving, good people of the blogosphere

If you’re reading this, I survived the run-up to Thanksgiving. Oh, I know. First-world problems, really. I MUST CLEAN. I MUST BUY CRAZY AMOUNTS OF LOCALLY-SOURCED FOOD. I MUST TEAR MY HAIR OUT AND RANT AND ROAR AND WHINE. So, enough already. Here’s the sunny side of the street. For the second year in a [...]

Cooking is my therapy

About six months before I moved to Iowa, long before I had any idea I’d be gardening, Steve and I were on the phone talking about our future living situation. We’d determined his first-year graduate school apartment wasn’t big enough for the two of us, and he’d been looking for another place for us to [...]

Store-grown padróns

When I was up in Seattle during mid-March, my cousin Mary and I wandered into The Spanish Table, a store that, it turns out, has outposts much more local to me—Berkeley and Mill Valley. But we were in the original, surrounded by pottery and paella pans and food that made me feel like we had [...]

From my table to yours…

It’s Thanksgiving here at Chez Inadvertent, and there’s much to be grateful for. My parents arrived Tuesday night to celebrate the holidays here, and we’ve been making our way around to various eating and drinking establishments that are favorites of mine: Shan Dong for dumplings, The Trappist for Belgian-style brews, Café Madrid for tortilla Español [...]

Single-malt maple frozen yogurt

I decided this Thanksgiving will not be traditional. Why serve turkey, for example, when I live just a block or so from excellent Peking duck? Why serve green bean casserole when I can serve garlicky Romano beans with rosemary, every ingredient of which will be grown or produced within 100 miles of here? Why serve [...]

Guest post: A garden out of control

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Chase Ledebur, my cousin Kären’s son. Chase has been gardening this summer for the first time at home, and I wanted you to hear from this wonderful and talented 12-year-old in his very own words. Hi, I’m Chase – welcome to my garden. This is the first [...]