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The adventure of the hipster narcissus

Before Christmas, The Unicorn came home with a narcissus bulb in a lovely pottery dish. “You know that hipster coffee shop over near the barber?” he asked. “They had a pop-up flower stand there today. The woman said this bulb will flower by Christmas.” “I’m sorry,” I replied. “Did you say…pop-up flower stand?” What can [...]

A return to story-telling in 2015

For the past couple years, for one reason or another, I couldn’t garden. I didn’t have the space, or when I did have some space, I didn’t have the time, and then, for a good portion of this year, I wasn’t allowed to work in the dirt. As it turns out, gardening is not recommended [...]

In a pinch: Pick-a-pepper pizza sauce

Warning: This is not a seasonal post. It’s not seasonal because it addresses a problem that none of you, unless you are Australian and/or in that hemisphere, should be having at the moment. But store it away. Tuck it into your mental file. You, too, may run into the very same problem that I did, [...]

Alinea and my 40th

A couple of weeks ago, I turned 40. 40! It hardly seems possible, since most of the time I feel more like I’m 39. The occasion had to be marked properly, and therefore, I bought tickets for The Unicorn and I to dine at Alinea on my birthday night. I had been dreaming of eating [...]

Green Thumb Sunday: Flowers from The Unicorn

Gardeners, plant and nature lovers can join in Green Thumb Sunday every week. Visit As the Garden Grows for more information.

Operation Emergency Herbs

A couple weeks before I married The Unicorn, we were frantically trying to get our house in order for the Impending Arrival of The Families. Wait a second, you’re probably thinking. Can you please back up to the whole “married” bit? Oh, right. I kind of forgot to mention it, but The Unicorn and I [...]

How to pick an out-of-reach lemon

Here’s the thing about our 40-foot-tall lemon tree. Even when you consider yourself to be on the taller end of the spectrum of God’s Eve-like creatures, it is damn frustrating. There you stand, all five-foot-eight of yourself, with maybe another two feet of arm reaching over your head, grasping hundreds of yellow, beautiful lemons dangling [...]

Soleil, dimmed

I was cooking dinner when I heard Soleil Banguid had died. I stepped away from the stove for a moment to gather myself. The pinto beans I was making could wait, and if there’s one thing I learned from watching Soleil cook, it’s that food should only be cooked from a place of love and [...]

Roasted fingerling potato salad

The Unicorn has lots of lovable qualities, but among them is this: He is a fantastic giver of gifts. He is not a fan of the gift list—he’d much rather pay attention to the recipient, think hard about something they would love to have but would never buy for themselves, and then give them that. [...]

Introducing The Unicorn

So, I have come to the point where I can’t tell any more stories without introducing you, Good People of the Internet, to someone new. To be fair, he’s not so new to me (though he makes every day feel new, which is, perhaps, better than his actually being new). But until now (admittedly because [...]