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Soleil, dimmed

I was cooking dinner when I heard Soleil Banguid had died. I stepped away from the stove for a moment to gather myself. The pinto beans I was making could wait, and if there’s one thing I learned from watching Soleil cook, it’s that food should only be cooked from a place of love and [...]

Cooking is my therapy

About six months before I moved to Iowa, long before I had any idea I’d be gardening, Steve and I were on the phone talking about our future living situation. We’d determined his first-year graduate school apartment wasn’t big enough for the two of us, and he’d been looking for another place for us to [...]

More mowing, more mowing

The landlord’s been at it again with the mower. This time, he took out the crazy bed that housed the bulbs Steve and I planted back in the spring. I remember, when Steve planted them, wondering if he’d be around to see them bloom. Then he left, and I wondered if any of the bulbs [...]

The letting go

Iowa suffered a strange and difficult transition from winter to spring this year. The weather stayed topsy and turvy, warm one day, then cold and wet another. Ice coated the roads so many times my coworkers quit paying attention when I whined. I took this picture of the budding magnolia in our front yard after [...]

Squirrel mafia

I left town early Thursday morning, bound for the Bay Area to visit one of my very best friends. I watered the garden in the near-dark before getting in the car to drive to the airport, and noticed that a flower I planted recently next to the peas had taken a hit. The whole thing [...]

One year later, the garden accidents continue

In the world of The Inadvertent Gardener, one thing holds true: Not even the easy stuff seems to go as planned. Take today’s celebration, for example. One year ago today, I posted my first entry. (Actually, truth be told, I wrote three posts and then back-posted by two days so I could send the link [...]

Compost on the cheap

There are a few ways to acquire compost. You can buy it, you can borrow it (it’s the giving it back that’s hard) or you can make it. Although Steve and I finally decided it was time to make the leap to making it via a compost pile, that wasn’t going to do us any [...]

Seed cuisine

Late last week, I swung by the Co-op to pick up a few dinner items, and stopped by the Seed Savers rack to see what interesting seeds there might be available. I selected a packet of spinach seeds, planning to plant them shortly, and threw them into my basket. “What did you get for dinner?” [...]

A bulb-us problem

Last Saturday, Steve and I stopped at Paul’s Discount. We wanted to get a garden implement or two, but found ourselves sidetracked by the seeds. Herbs. Vegetables. Flowers. Seed packet after seed packet found their way into our cart. I don’t know how they got there. As far as I’m concerned, my hand was moving [...]

Cold storage

Over the weekend, I cooked some green beans and made short work of a bunch of parsley. The super-shiny little crock had not yet arrived, but it occurred to me that it might make sense to start saving some of the vegetable trimmings to throw in the compost pile we’re about to begin. I thought [...]