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Being a working parent is like a big game of whack-a-mole. Issues pop up at work, at home, out in the rest of my life, sometimes more than one at a time, and I try to knock them off the list, frantically beating them back one at a time. There’s no way to get ahead [...]


When I arrived home with my pots and dirt and all that jazz, I checked my phone to see if The Pickle was sleeping. The Unicorn and I keep close track of him with an app we love, and before those of you who raised children in the pre-app era scoff at us and tell [...]

Shopping lists are overrated (until they’re not)

When I arrived at the garden center, I had two jobs: Buy pots, and buy dirt. This should seem pretty simple. Three plants, so three pots. Right? And enough dirt for said pots. Indeed. But here’s the thing: I didn’t make a list, and I was trying to get home to my husband and baby, [...]

Three for the road

A few minutes after I accepted the gift of tomato plants from my Airbnb host, she reappeared with three seedlings and left them near the Airstream. “There you go,” she said. “They should be fine here until you head home.” I looked at them out the door of the trailer, but it wasn’t until the [...]

Operation Emergency Herbs

A couple weeks before I married The Unicorn, we were frantically trying to get our house in order for the Impending Arrival of The Families. Wait a second, you’re probably thinking. Can you please back up to the whole “married” bit? Oh, right. I kind of forgot to mention it, but The Unicorn and I [...]

Someone who will do more for a tomato than I

So, you know how I say it’s amazing what I’d do for a good tomato? Well, I’ve most certainly met my match. This guy? Well, let’s just say it’s really amazing what he’ll do for a good tomato. Watch the video below, but fair warning—it’s going to get a little rough: I can assure you [...]

Deploy water guns; foster the next generation of gardeners

So, apparently a fairly high percentage of you gardeners out there got into the habit of growing things as a kid. So says the results of a recently-released Garden-Share survey, which found 37.7 percent of their members started gardening by the age of 10. The results don’t surprise me, really. After all, the sample set [...]

World Naked Gardening Day: It’s not on my calendar

Some might call me a has-been blogger…it is true that I’ve been a woefully inadequate updater of these pages. But something has spurred me on today to post. Because, good people of the Internet, it is time I alert you to this Very Important News: Tomorrow, May 14, is World Naked Gardening Day. Stop blinking [...]

The (OK-not-really) fashionable tomato plant

Before I even left for Burning Man, I was concerned about one of the tomato plants. There was a single branch hanging down, bearing one very green, very heavy tomato. This struck me as a Very Bad Thing – the weight was certain to snap the branch at some point. But getting ready to attend [...]

Watering cans: Actually functional

I’ll admit it. I used to think watering cans were stupid. I mean, sure. They’re fine if you’re Peter Rabbit and need to hide from Mr. MacGregor or whatever, but for ordinary gardeners? Really? After all, when I looked around our kitchen, I saw plenty of vessels perfect for carrying water outside and dumping it [...]