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Simple, brilliant, stunning, gone

I only saw Judy Rodgers in person once. In September 2008, I was on a tour of the Monterey Market in Berkeley, Calif. Bill Fujimoto, who owned the market at the time, had taken us to look in the back loading and storage area, where fruits and vegetables were stacked in boxes on pallets, and [...]

Soleil, dimmed

I was cooking dinner when I heard Soleil Banguid had died. I stepped away from the stove for a moment to gather myself. The pinto beans I was making could wait, and if there’s one thing I learned from watching Soleil cook, it’s that food should only be cooked from a place of love and [...]

You’re lucky I’m not coughing in your dinner

It’s pretty pathetic over here at our place at the moment. Both The Unicorn and I have fallen prey to the ridiculous numbers of bugs ricocheting around the Bay Area, and we’re both rocking some variant of colds and/or flu. Let’s just say the door on the tea cabinet is getting a workout today. I [...]

Getting virtual with one’s farmers market

Though many might say half the fun of a farmers market is getting to see, touch, and sometimes even sample the fresh produce, fruit, and other food available, sometimes getting to the market just isn’t convenient. Since The Internets can fix everything else, why shouldn’t it be able to fix this issue, too? I explore [...]

Return on that gardening investment

Just in case you needed some evidence that home gardening is a good investment of your time and money, this infographic from the Mother Nature Network has some excellent data, even though the numbers come from mostly 2008 and 2009: Of course, I’m biased, but I am delighted to see that I’m not the only [...]

Talking tomatoes with Kitchen Table Talks

When I started this blog, I was already pretty intolerant of the bad tomato. But since then? This intolerance has reached epic proportions. Unless it’s really tomato season where I live, that particular fruit is dead to me. But I have a bowl of heirlooms on my kitchen counter right now, because it’s July, and [...]

Why Are Mark Zuckerberg’s Eating Habits News?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is spending 2011 doing exactly what I think everyone should do: He’s eating more thoughtfully, more sustainably, and more ethically. In 2011, he’s eating only meat that he kills. Though I’m certainly happy to take advantage of his product, I have to admit: I could care less what Mark Zuckerberg takes on [...]

Deploy water guns; foster the next generation of gardeners

So, apparently a fairly high percentage of you gardeners out there got into the habit of growing things as a kid. So says the results of a recently-released Garden-Share survey, which found 37.7 percent of their members started gardening by the age of 10. The results don’t surprise me, really. After all, the sample set [...]

World Naked Gardening Day: It’s not on my calendar

Some might call me a has-been blogger…it is true that I’ve been a woefully inadequate updater of these pages. But something has spurred me on today to post. Because, good people of the Internet, it is time I alert you to this Very Important News: Tomorrow, May 14, is World Naked Gardening Day. Stop blinking [...]

The Inadvertent Gardener wants to hear from you

It has been an awfully long time — nearly five months — since I showed up here at The Inadvertent Gardener. It’s been something of a crazy ride — a new relationship, a move, a book project that got underway and then stagnated again, and a whole mess of other stuff — but it’s time [...]