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Bay-Friendly Garden Tour Highlights: Edible Kitchen Garden

One of the last gardens my friend Michelle and I visited on last weekend’s Bay-Friendly Garden Tour was one of my very favorites. You, good readers, know my preference for all things edible, so this shall come as no surprise: It was a kitchen garden, but one designed, beautifully, by Leslie Bennett and Garden Fare [...]

Gardens where I’d like to live

I must admit that I really did not roll in a particularly punk rock fashion on Official Garden Tour Day. I might as well just be upfront and honest about that. I forewent the combat boots for perfectly Berkeley-esque sandals, and left the bourbon at home. I had a beer at lunch, though, people. Don’t [...]

A garden tour-inspired photo story

I’ve been quiet ‘round these parts about my latest blog project: 5×52. This project, inspired by a Flickr group that focuses on a similar concept, struck me as an interesting way to both take a new look at my back catalog of photographs and shoot in a slightly different way this year. Each weekly post [...]

Green Thumb Sunday: A different spin on a garden bed

This is just a taste from today’s Bay-Friendly Gardens tour. More to come! Gardeners, plant and nature lovers can join in Green Thumb Sunday every week. Visit As the Garden Grows for more information.

Rocking the garden tour like Johnny Rotten at a tea party

My weekends usually involve fun in at least six variations. I cannot help myself with the overscheduling and the racing from one Thing That I Like To Do to another to another and, well, it’s all very exhausting. Often these activities are the kind that leave my more staid and settled friends shaking their heads. [...]

Bay Area gardeners: It’s barrel time again!

Remember those wine half-barrels I picked up in February? I happen to know that my source has them available again at the low, low price of $20 per half-barrel and $40 per full barrel. Interested? Send me an email to genie <at> theinadvertentgardener <dot> com and I’ll pass along your information to the barrel dealer.

The unscented tomato debate: A garden center owner weighs in

At the risk of allowing this site to become an echo chamber, I want to point you in the direction of Trey Pitsenberger’s blog, and Trey’s take on the issue of the unscented Home Depot tomatoes I highlighted last week. Trey’s post mostly points back at me (echo…echo….echo…), but I think he provides a really [...]

A healing garden and an affirmation

On a blustery Thanksgiving morning, six months after I moved to Oakland, I took my parents to celebrate Mass. They were visiting me for the first time in this new city I called home, and I wanted to show them the newly-dedicated Cathedral of Christ the Light, which I’d been attending since its dedication Mass [...]

The tomato: Best friend to kids everywhere

Earlier this week, Michelle Obama launched “Let’s Move,” the new national childhood obesity prevention campaign. Though I rarely talk about work here, it was an exciting day for my organization, which has been working on this issue as part of a larger initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. As with all Washington, DC [...]

From one gardener to another

Before I was able to add myself to the lease for the new apartment, I had to meet with the property manager, a wonderful woman from Alabama who met me for coffee. “What is it that you do?” she asked, and I told her all about the job that brings in the money. Later, I [...]