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Lucky seven (snails)

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed our sage developing holes. Lots and lots of holes. “Something’s eating your sage,” The Unicorn said as we left for work on a recent morning. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I said. “Perhaps it’s snails.” I shook my head. I hadn’t seen a snail outside in weeks. Maybe months! It’s [...]

Here’s what my new patio garden will not have

Giant. Freaking. Rabbits. (Thanks to Deb Roby for pointing this one out to me.)

Go for the green

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Flickr lately, engrossed in a project to use my camera as a visual journal of 2009, and the site recently introduced the Flickr Clock, which provides narrow bands of color plucked from videos uploaded to the Flickr Clock group, and arranges them along a running timeline to [...]

Tiny white spots on a backside? Never good.

When my parents were visiting, I pointed out my struggling basil plant and noted that, though I had aids to keep me from forgetting to water it (and, indeed, hadn’t even OVERwatered it), it looked pretty wretched. The leaves had gotten limp and had started to lose their color, and I’d already cut back half [...]

The season for frenzy comes to an abrupt halt

I went to the health center at my college on a Fall day in my Senior year. The nurse checked me out, examined my congestion and sore throat, then flipped through my chart. “Hmm,” she said. “It shows here that you came in on October 16 your Freshman year, October 17 your Sophomore year, and [...]

Holy bean leaves, Batman!

It’s probably too early—far too early—to declare the Great Bean Experiment of 2007 a success. But, at least temporarily, there seem to be good things happening. There are flowers on the bean plants. Lots of flowers. And as I’ve learned, flowers beget vegetables. As much as I love flowers for flowers’ sake, I sure do [...]

If I begin foaming at the mouth, please get out the rabies vaccine

After the initial Brandywine branch debacle, I’d eyed my last three ginormous Brandywines carefully, hoping they would be OK through further on-plant ripening. One of them was oddly-shaped, almost like someone had taken two lumps of Play-Doh, one red and one pale green, and slapped them together to make something sort of like a tomato, [...]

Witness to the population explosion

“Do you own a cat?” asked my next-door neighbor earlier tonight. He was exiting his house while I was tending to the watering I didn’t get to before work this morning. “No,” I said. “There’s one standing by the car,” he said. “I wondered if it was yours.” I shook my head. “Do you want [...]

Upon my return…

When I arrived home from my business trip, I was greeted by signs of life in Tomato Alley: Signs of death in the basil: A gladiola blossom that I could just sit and stare at all day long: And, of course, a rabbit:    

Business travel shorts

I just returned from a longer-than-a-week business trip (well, business trip capped off by a birthday weekend with my parents), and even though I was away from the garden for longer than I might have liked, the garden, clearly, was not far from me. 1. National security threat As I was going through security on [...]