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Instant(ish) gratification gardening

At the moment, I am not in possession of large amounts of free time. We’re still unpacking (slowly) our new place. We’re in a particularly high-gear phase of wedding planning. Plus, it’s a busy time of year at work, so I’m juggling a lot of competing priorities. But now that we have outdoor space, it [...]

Roasted fingerling potato salad

The Unicorn has lots of lovable qualities, but among them is this: He is a fantastic giver of gifts. He is not a fan of the gift list—he’d much rather pay attention to the recipient, think hard about something they would love to have but would never buy for themselves, and then give them that. [...]

Wintertime Homemade Tomato Soup

I have a love-not-love relationship with soup. Sometimes I would be happy to eat it for days in a row, and sometimes I have no patience for it. Soup, after all, can’t really be eaten quickly. The spoon is a finite vessel: It holds what it holds, and forces the eater to go bite by [...]

Pasta a la Gus, Genie-style

Back when I lived in DC, long before I ever thought about gardening, I spent a fair amount of time running up and down I-95 in the summer to Orioles games. I have a long family history with the team, one too long to get into here, and they will, no matter how long they [...]

Roasted fava beans

One of my favorite stands at the Jack London Square Farmers’ Market in Oakland is the Happy Boy Farms stand. That’s where I almost always buy my salad greens, and usually a whole bagful of whatever else they have available at the moment. Sunday was no exception. I stopped by to get some arugula for [...]

Kettle padróns

Last night, Fatemeh assigned me the job of side dishes to go with pork chops. Roasted fingerlings, I decided, and roasted green beans tossed with preserved rangpur lime, because in the Bay Area, summer is so damn chilly and foggy that it’s quite normal to be able to roast up some vegetables a la winter. [...]

I’ve got friends in word places

I have friends all over the place, most of whom I’ve met the old-fashioned way: in person, through some job or school or work or networking connection. But oh, how the Internet has enriched my life and brought me in touch with people who, otherwise, I might never have met. Yeah, I’m pretty much going [...]

Appetizers to whet your 2010 appetite

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared yesterday on BlogHer, but in case you’re not a BlogHer reader, I wanted to share these great ideas in case you’re still planning your New Year’s menu! The year is almost over, and it’s time to settle on the menu for New Year’s gatherings. I love using New Year’s [...]

Share your holiday pork recipes…and win!

There are families who serve the same thing, year after year, on their holiday table. They know exactly what casserole goes in which dish, which salad will arrive via which relative, and what main course will emerge from the oven with just enough time to rest before dinner’s served. We’ve never really been that kind [...]

The mystery of the rock-hard sweet potato

I bought sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, but in the crush of food that me and my fantastic guests made and brought, they became superfluous, which means I’m now managing a sweet potato surplus. Earlier this week, I started dispatching them using a great recipe for Soy-Glazed Sweet Potatoes with Sesame Seeds I found on my [...]