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Instant(ish) gratification gardening

At the moment, I am not in possession of large amounts of free time. We’re still unpacking (slowly) our new place. We’re in a particularly high-gear phase of wedding planning. Plus, it’s a busy time of year at work, so I’m juggling a lot of competing priorities. But now that we have outdoor space, it [...]

Smelly seedlings? That’s no insult…

Earlier today, at the very beginning of our monthly staff meeting at work, my coworker Pilar leaned over and murmured, “Your tomato seedlings smell.” Anyone listening carefully might have considered that an insult. Me? I considered it awesome.

Seedlings, not seeds

One of the most gratifying things about putting out the word that a patio garden is in the offing has been the offer of seeds from friends near and a little bit far. Seed shopping? Nope. Don’t need to. One of the offers came from a coworker, who told me she had a variety of [...]

A seedy admission

“You look awfully chipper today,” said one of my coworkers the morning after my lip-blistering experience with the padrón peppers. “I’m not sure why,” I said. “I’m just rarin’ to go!” She suggested perhaps it had been the peppers, which launched me into a further discourse about their fiery power. And then I admitted the [...]

Free lettuce seeds from Earthbound Farm

It’s not quite planting weather yet in most of the country, but in four to six weeks, it most certainly will be. And, thanks to a Twitter message from Dina of Nutritious Feast, I learned today that Earthbound Farm Organic is giving away free seed packets to anyone who provides them a modicum of marketing [...]

From seed to seedlings

On Sunday afternoon, I returned to the scene of my planting back in December. Although I’d seen pictures that demonstrated actual seedling growth, I did have some trepidation, imagining the bed that I planted to be barren (again, I had seen pictures of radish seedlings, but they were up close and, well, PhotoShop is a [...]

Friends don’t let friends use tape measures

Last weekend, Cameron and Anita were over at my house with some other people, and just after Cameron fixed me a very excellent Manhattan, I asked him about the raised beds they’d just installed in their back yard. They were ready to plant, he told me, and I suspect my eyes widened a bit. See, [...]

A different kind of weeding

While Lauren and I were locked deep in conversation with a Victory Garden visitor (Well, let me be honest about this…said visitor was expounding on the lack of grocery stores in the Tenderloin and the state of Grocery Nation in San Francisco, and Lauren and I were more trapped than locked deep…), I noticed a [...]

I am more compulsive in other areas of my life

Apparently, over the winter, someone decided to throw approximately 1,000 small twigs into my garden plot. It’s lucky that, although I definitely have areas in which I exhibit great symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, the garden is not one of those areas. Therefore, on Sunday evening, I picked about 428 of those twigs out of the [...]

Starting, with seeds

I have been struggling with a distinct lack of gardening momentum. The weather finally kicked into gear and warmed up, and yet my garden plot sat, in the backyard, untidy and neglected. Sure, there’s some garlic poking up through the ground, but the rest? Home to dead sage, dead Texas Tarragon, dead rosemary, dead greens…well, [...]