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The Edible Movie: Fresh Guacamole

The Academy Award-nominated short films always intrigue me. Perhaps it’s because I particularly like playing with economy of language, I also like watching others play with the economy of storytelling in short films (whether live action, animated, or documentary). In honor of the Academy Awards on Sunday, this months dip in to the Edible Movie [...]

The Edible Movie: Soul Food Junkies

Fried chicken? Collard greens? Corn bread? Yams? Yes, please. Sure, I know it would be healthier to have a salad, but every now and then I have to get my soul food fix. I’ve always been aware that some of the most traditional soul food dishes are made from ingredients that could generally be bought [...]

The Edible Movie: Best Picture Dinners

Though I know I promised I’d profile a movie each month as part of my The Edible Movie series, I’m going to already take a time out from that structure to tell you about something slightly different. Yeah, I know. I’m The Inadvertent Gardener, and I breed inconsistency. But I want to invite you to [...]

The Edible Movie: Toast

This week, I’m kicking off a monthly series, The Edible Movie: food-centric movies I think are worth your time to watch. Some of the movies I’ll choose will, no doubt, be more mainstream—there are some I can’t help but recommend, even if they were fairly big blockbusters. But there are tons of movies out there [...]