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Green Thumb Sunday: Rainy tomato cluster

<p><center><a href=”” title=”Rainy tomato cluster”><img src=”” width=”450″ alt=”Rainy tomato cluster”></a></center</p> <p>Gardeners, plant and nature lovers can join in Green Thumb Sunday every week. Visit <a href=”” target=”_blank”>As the Garden Grows</a> for more information.</p>

Cold snap

For those of you scoring at home (and even if you’re alone), one of the myriad reasons I fled Iowa for California was my most-hated, six-letter word: W-I-N-T-E-R After four years in Iowa City, I wanted nothing more to do with scraping ice off windshields, shoveling snow out of my driveway, shoveling more snow out [...]

Sweet peas like your grandmother used to grow

This week has been gloomy and decidedly un-spring-like in Oakland. Though I caught a glimpse of the first glimmers of sunrise while walking the dogs this morning, soon after, the clouds enveloped the pink light and everything turned heavy again. But on the way up to my office, I ran into one of my coworkers [...]

A bit of a water retention problem

There is no question that I should, by now, have dirt in my wine barrels. I should have them fully prepped, and I should be ready for Pilar’s seedlings to show up, since she swears they’re almost big enough to send home with me. In fact, I should probably already be growing lettuce. Or herbs. [...]

Full sun!

The move to the new apartment is complete, but I’m still unpacking. Plus, it’s been raining in Northern California. Raining a lot. Except for yesterday, when, of course, I was at work, and couldn’t actually work on implementing my Grand Patio Garden Plans. Fatemeh was at work, too, but her business operates out of the [...]

A shift to emerald

Let me preface what I’m about to say by stating that I’m clear on the fact that rain, pouring hard, has been known to create zones of standing water. And I am also clear that the average tire handles pools of water somewhat like a flat stone (even though the two bear about as much [...]

Water, water nowhere

“So here’s the thing,” I said to a friend over the weekend. “One of the things I have never been good at is the issue of watering the plants.” “Isn’t watering kind of important?” he asked. “It is, and that’s something I worry about here. There’s no water,” I said. “So it’s going to be [...]

Three seasons of Spring

A few nights ago, I was out having a drink at one of my favorite local watering holes (a place that probably would prefer I refer to it as a restaurant/lounge), and I started talking to a guy who had moved out to Oakland from Washington DC (without stopping in Iowa first). “You know what [...]

First day at the Victory Garden

I very nearly left the house without a jacket on Sunday morning. Two hours into my first stint as a docent in the Victory Garden, I was simultaneously applauding my decision to actually grab my favorite grey hoodie and kicking myself for not grabbing my fleece jacket to go over it. “I’m freezing,” I muttered [...]

Mind over to-matter

Do not think for a second that I’m going to complain about the weather in California. I’m not. By any stretch of the imagination. No way, no day. I love the weather in California. But I will say this: It doesn’t feel like tomato weather. It’s chilly in the mornings here, and on the Fourth [...]