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What they’re saying

People will talk. Oh, yes, they will. Here’s what some folks in the blogosphere and the media are saying about The Inadvertent Gardener:

“Definitely one of the funniest garden blogs I’ve come across is The Inadvertent Gardener. Genie writes honestly and with a keen sense of humor about her experiences as a first-time gardener at her Iowa home.”
Garden Voices

“Put this in your favorites. She comes up with great recipes.”
Fat Guy on a Little Bike

The Inadvertent Gardener is a stylish blog from Iowa, each post a narrative.”
Sheila Lennon’s Subterranean Homepage News

“From time to time I check in on my favorite gardening blog, The Inadvertent Gardener…”
Smart Tart

“Let me end this review with one of the funniest garden bloggers! Genie, The Inadvertent Gardener, is having all kinds of adventures!! She is dangerous with scissors (even when not running), and a threat to tomato-tasting bunnies and her own ankles…”
–Debra Roby’s Digging the Dirt on BlogHer

“A self-described ‘incorrigible blog reader,’ Gratto had always kept herself from blogging, not wanting to write about her daily thoughts on the news or wax long on minutiae. But her gardening inexperience made for plenty of funny stories and, honestly, she needed the help.”
–”Gardens come alive through blogs,” The Des Moines Register, September 2, 2006

“The Inadvertent Gardener as a blog title always intrigued me. Isn’t that like the ‘accidental tourist?’ Apparently. Genie states at the top of her blog, ‘Need garden advice? Then you probably shouldn’t send me an email.’ – lol. That’s great, and an awesome name for a blog.”
Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas

“Surfing the blog world, I found a recipe that I will try. Warm green tomato and apricot salad. I came across this tempting dish when I visited the Inadvertent Gardener’s blog.

“If you’re on the lookout for hard-to-find international seeds, follow in Genie’s footsteps and visit food markets as well as nurseries.”
–”Foreign Seeds: Think outside the nursery,” Culinate, April 14, 2008

“Genie Gratto hasn’t always been as green-thumbed as she is today – and thankfully so, as her trials and tribulations in the garden become entertaining and educational posts on her blog, ‘The Inadvertent Gardener.’
–”Back to the Garden,” The Daily Iowan, April 18, 2008 (Link may require free registration)

“So many good Bay Area food blogs, that it’s hard to pick just one. But this recipe from the Inadvertent Gardener piqued my interest, as well as my appetite, as the star ingredients aren’t often paired together.”
CBS5 (KPIX) Eye on Blogs, January 9, 2009

“Owner of The Inadvertent Gardener, Genie, doesn’t claim to be a gardening expert — in fact, she says if you have a question, it’s best to e-mail someone else. It’s that wit and modesty that leads The Inadvertent Gardener to be a charming and funny read. You’ll learn a lot from her mistakes and pleas for help to her readers. Check out the archives, which date back to 2005, when the D.C. native headed west to Iowa City and began her quest as an urban gardener.
As a bonus, The Inadvertent Gardener includes plenty of recipes she’s created with her garden bounty, so it doubles as a food/cooking blog. Her latest recipe for quick lemony lentil soup unearths cravings we didn’t even know we had.”
The Beachcomber, March 18, 2009

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